Alles Neu Land Online Festival & Media Library

SwiftUI used in Production

It runs on iPhone, iPad & AppleTV with a backend on AWS.

Seeing in the Dark

Some reflections on using an f/0.95 lens

New Leica M10-R Camera

I attended the Leica M10-R release event July 16, 2020 in Düsseldorf to test the new M 10 family member.

Leica M10-P White Edition

Following the lead of all past and present Leica M-Cameras

The all-white design takes its cue from the extremely popular M8 White Edition released in 2009. This time, it’s even better.

This is my take on the Leica SL, the new world it created within the Leica ecosystem, how I used it and why I left it behind.

“Dream Big. Pack Small.”

Leica R8 — The quintessence of photography

WWDC 2009 — Apps Wall

Why Generative Art?

Moritz Philip Recke

Engineer. Essentialist. Explorer.

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